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Monsters Under the Bed

An entomologist investigates a string of grotesque murders that plague

a luxury community in her hometown to clear her grandfather's name.

Welcome to SEAVIEW TERRACE, a luxury gated community recently clear-cut into an ancient forest in Northern Australia. Large prefabricated homes boast pristine ocean views and beautiful landscapes. A Cornish Properties yard sign proudly displays the word SOLD in the front yard of a new home.


The Coopers, an American family of three, made the decision of a lifetime to move halfway across the world to start a new life in Australia.


Unknown to the Coopers, Seaview Terrace has been under constant protest by local Aboriginal tribes for violations of land treaties. Environmentalists rally behind the cause, furious about the destruction of the ancient forest and the displacement of thousands of endangered and undiscovered species. A tent city is built throughout the remaining forest to try and prevent any further construction.


Shortly after the Coopers move in, Todd Jones, the teenager son from next door suffers a mysterious death. His body grotesque and covered in blood filled pustules while his skin cracks from necrosis exposing fatty tissue. Detectives are at a loss.


The local authorities recruit renowned entomologist, Professor Garrett, and his assistant Kala Narula to help identify the killer. While investigating the teens death, more people in Seaview Terrace die --


Including the Coopers.


This sparks an extensive investigation into the unexplained deaths. The only eyewitness to the killer is the Coopers’ six year old daughter, Haley, who barely escaped during her parents gruesome death. Still in shock she cannot offer many details, but repeatedly tells investigators about a monster and her tiny babies.


While evidence points to an unidentified apex predator in the area, local authorities and developers insist the protesters are to blame for murders.


Kala and the professor discover an unknown type of spider venom as the cause for the all the deaths. This leads them to believe that the killer might be a new species of spider. The theory is widely ridiculed as they cannot find any further evidence to support it. There is also no explanation for why all the victim seem to be attack by a large cluster of spiders, which is an extremely rare occurrence.

Authorities begin to believe a human killer is using a rare venom to kill the victims to make an attack against the development and residents.


As tensions begins to grow, authorities place the blame on the protest leader and fellow entomologist, Mowan Narula – Kala’s grandfather and mentor.


Soon afterwards the land developer, Mr. Cornish, is brutally killed in the same fashion. Authorities seize the opportunity to raid the protest camp and arrest Mowan, citing his prior death threats against Mr. Cornish as motive.


They are forced to release Mowan when the deaths continue to happen while he is in custody. Mowan joins Kala and the professor in the hunt for the unknown spider.


Investigators catch a break when they find the spider in question at a crime scene. The team works tirelessly and confirms the venom matches that of the victims. However the spider is too small to have killed alone so they speculate a Mother Spider must be carrying around its babies.

They search the forest in hopes of finding more clues.


Coming up empty, Kala theorizes the spider’s nest must be near the Coopers’ house where it all began. The Mother Spider is found and killed, but thousands of her babies run rampant. The mayor sees the opportunity to end the development dispute and orders a controlled burn to cleanse the area.


A handful of spiders spin sails and catch rides on a wind gust out to sea where unsuspecting container ships sail by.

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